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We are exited to get you ready and geared up for GOLD SEASON !Pat, Mark & Teddy Keene


A52S Super Sluice Box has arrived!

Keene Engineering is very proud to present our newest member of our Sluice Box family!
The A52S Super Sluice Box is our new baby and we couldn’t be prouder! Learn what all the buzz is about by watching our video then get yours before there is a waiting list!


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This is one of our new back pack high bankers. Being used at home with a 110 volt pump and a recirculating system. They are already customizing it on there own after going out just a few times. The husband is a engineer and loves to put his own spin on everything he touches. Personally my kind of guy. When using a spray bar system out in the field it is common to plug up the spray bars with small pebbles grass etc. So we do not glue the end caps on so they can be removed with a pair of channel locks. These guys took it to the next level and installed dual ball valves so they could achieve a quicker clean out system for the spray bar. ... See MoreSee Less

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Yeah.. I love to take things apart and put em back together but with different twists. Lisa Turner puts up with me.. hahahaha.. Thanks again Mark, Pat, and all your employees. Hope to see you all soon! Be safe y'all!

Can't even tell you how many times i wished my higbanker was a backpack!

That spray box is awesome

Hey why don't you respond to my messages about the status of my $381 order I placed on the 28th?

Can one of those hoppers be purchased seperate????


Jake Gravelin see this ?

Yes the hopper can be purchased separately. I just got one about a month ago and all the improvements will definitely help in the field. Well thought out, tested and top quality construction. Good job Keene Engineering.

Interesting idea! I haven't made a spray bar system yet but I'll definitely keep the ball valve idea in mind if I ever do.

Thanks for everything you guys do for us,and yes my hubby always has to put his own spin on things.We definitely will continue to do business with you guys.Be safe out there.

How much is that hopper and flare add on?

Very Nice but its expensiv

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This is our first setup for the hospitals. We at Keene Engineering are so proud to do our part and fight the Covid 19 virus. We hope we can help and save lives. Gearing up for many support kits. ... See MoreSee Less

This is our first setup for the hospitals. We at Keene Engineering are so proud to do our part and fight the Covid 19 virus. We hope we can help and save lives. Gearing up for many support kits.

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Way too go. Pat... Get it done...

Miners are superheroes thanks Mark Pat Jerry all the fine people at Keene engineering

Looking good guys hope your all staying safe from us in the uk 🙂

The only company I've ever called and got the receptionist, that transferred to service, that Transferred me to the President and CEO, Mr. Keene!

That is awesome!!!

"Right on" Patrick and Mark"

Thank you for trying ❤️

Well done 👍


Sam Dean

Hey I'm looking for just the mask for my dredge can somebody give me an idea how much they run I don't have the Keen catalog anymore and I have a hard time finding stuff online

But with out the intubator? Might help for general air.

I cant see how this could be used on any patient. Does it have positive pressure pumping in all the time or does the person have to breathe like a scuba rig? What are the mechanisms to regulate the pressure going to the patient? What is the big tank for? Accumulation? What feeds it? Is this to be used in a hospital clean room setting? I would be tripping on that hose constantly. I applaud the effort, but I dont see the clinical use at all. Show how you would set it up on a patient please. Thx.

Yes we have the same setup off our 4in dredge set and ready to go thank you King engineering

Thank you Keene Engineering for your help.

Pat and Mark and the team at Keene engineering you are awesome!

Way to go Pat! So very proud to know you!

This is awesome!! Great job!

Great job guys. Make an awesome product. Thanks.

This is why I love the USA, gold mining equipment manufacturer doing their part in this crisis. I know where I'll be spending my cash when I need some gear. Good Show!

Well done folks, you make us proud ! 🇺🇸

That’s fantastic - thanks for helping out!

Looks like the Nome set up for dredging Good job.

You guys are the best !!! Thank you for helping out in these strange times we’re all in.

Well done Keene (Pat) so very proud of you guys

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This is a exhaust heater system that a friend of ours made for a 23 hp Vanguard engine that is being used in the harsh salty environment of nome Alaska. This stainless steal exhaust heater I set up with a lot of cool safety components such as a steam valve, aluminum mixing tank a high end valve that really does a great job controlling the water tempter and a large water filter to eliminate sand settling in the heat exchanger. We do not sell these however if you are looking for one contact Armadillo mining they offer something similar. ... See MoreSee Less

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I was just remembering a guy who used to mine with us . We (bunch of guys from 49er mining supply , been a few years) 15 20 showed up for a dry washing weekend . This 1 guy was a day or 2 late but found our spot . He shoveled up (from a stack) 2/3s of a drum and used cyanide for like 24 hours (really more like 14-16) and leached out almost an ounce of gold . . Impressive really , cyanide resolves a 40 mesh piece of gold in 24 hours . We were finding matched and larger nuggets from the same area . So aqua regia in a recirc system would grab most if not 99.9% (no system gets it all) . So the idea was a mobile system with 6 barrels or dirt in a recirc system , leach for 24 hrs. And use coconut carbon the drop the gold out and save the agus regia . With the stats from the area we were working a guy could grab 6 plus oz in 36-48 hours with shovels and sweat . Youd still need to prospect and steer clear of cyanide Leach sites but a guy in moderate ground could get by for a fair price .

Aluminum mixing tank sound kind of wrong. Aluminum is used for cooling

Very nice work Keene.

Do you guys still make the keene hand dredge sucker?

Thomas Fowlkes here’s a heater for the dredge

Cross cut on inside?




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Due to the Covid 19, we are temporarily closing our showroom doors to the public temporally. We are attempting to fill a few orders with a skeleton crew observing social distancing, gloves and face mask. Our web site sales will remain active as well as phone orders. We all need to do our part to slow down the spread of the Cover 19 virus.
We want everyone to stay safe and healthy.
... See MoreSee Less

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Just got your email of the power jet being sent to 🇦🇺, I knew you would all be under huge pressure to get orders out and you delivered. Thank you 🙏 so much guys 👍

Hopefully one of those Orders is mine 😃 take care and stay safe out there!

Be safe and healthy Patrick Keene and crew.

Take care! The desert is the best place to social distance!!😄

Fully understand,stay safe This will be campfire memories/stories sooner than later

We love Keene and will stand by .

Stay Safe, we are going to need you later!

Mucho LOVE and many prayers♡☆CWP4life

Okay... Have a Merry Christmas!

Cuídense y pronto los veremos de regreso.

Y’all go mining.

If you could send my replacement 6” power jet to Reeds Prospecting in Australia before you close up so I can go dredging when all the work is gone that would be much appreciated.

You guys be safe. I was gonna call with a question today and just saw this post. I can solve the problem another way until you guys open back up.

Glad I got my order in. Should be arriving today via ups. Hopefully the "last" parts I'll need to complete my dredge.

Stay healthy and safe.

Be safe

Please fill mine!

Can't wait to get my a52s this classifiying is breaking my back

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Prospecting for gold is not all just about the gold, It is about the adventures the camaraderie and the people the campfires, friendship and more. Patrick and I, mark went out prospecting a few weeks back and we had a chance to do some serious off roading with our toys, Marks Jeeps and Pats quad, we had a great time, just exploring nature, and the amazing geology of the desert. I dragged mark along the way, to do some serious detecting with all three of my Minelab detectors showing him how we sometimes get skunked just to know we would find gold using the dry washers. We did a lot of dry washing and some testing on new dry washing upgrades. We never relax while trying some new ideas and experimenting so, we are always trying new things and we really listen to our customers recommendations. We ended up finding a decent spot however, I believe that we must continue to test and sample different ares next time. We had a chance to use all three of our dry washers and work all within one weekend and find that each one of them, really had it own place. The 151S worked amazingly well as the hopper vibrated really well and the recovery was amazing. It is tough to keep up with a machine that could handle 2 to 3 guys. Ok a lot harder for a few older guys. Also since, we are working in the bottom of a dry creek there was some moisture and the heater on the 151S really dried out the material fast. The 140S is lighter and more compact than the 151S especially the Makita Blower / Vacuum power pack. For a few older guys the 140S was perfect and ease of set and operation was great. The 160 we also took out was by far the most portable and the fastest to set up. I would say the yardage in the catalog may be overrated slightly however for a few older guys the machine was perfect also the dustless operation was really cool to work around. Also the type of material you are working will also depends on what machine works best. In moist material the 151S is the best work horse, tons of volume and capacity. The140s is just right for someone looking for portability and stile capable of knocking out serious amount of material. The 160 worked very well for a few guys in hard digging crevices and virtually no dust for a smaller close proximity areas. Both, Pat and I were excited to see how well all machined perfomed and are proud to have our name on the side. All of our ideas and all of our customers imput is what has made our company, generation after generation. ... See MoreSee Less

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Sounds like fun

Nice this my number 0023566589191 watshaap

Колко струва една такава драга

Great JoB Sounds like a whole lot of fun in the process...

Heck yeah looks like some good times !


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On our way out prospecting for the day ... See MoreSee Less

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Go Pat...... lots of colour for you all 🙂

Show us the gold mister Pat. 👍😃

Gold mining is a great way to find the day

My friend doing it!!

It looks like we are just about ready to send over 160, 151S over to Libya for one of our dealers. Briggs makes up a special motor for use with a pressurized oil system that really helps the engine hold up in the harsh conditions. ... See MoreSee Less

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Since the corona virus crisis it look like we may be selling more of these overseas since the Chinese knockoffs are on hold for now

Love it. Keep sending them over. Recapture some of that money we send over for oil. 👍😀

What are they up to? 🤔

$$$ for you👍👻=🍺🌮

Keith Godfrey Only 2 will do! 😂👌


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Amazing Gold Nuggets for Sale
If you are looking for some really amazing gold nuggets I would suggest these guys. I have been friends with them for years, they are hard-working, honest gold miners trying to make a living. They have been helping us with our lastest designs on our 210, 151s and more dry washers equipment as well. They are also avid Gold Nugget shooters as well they really put the time in.
... See MoreSee Less

Amazing Gold Nuggets for Sale 
If you are looking for some really amazing gold nuggets I would suggest these guys.  I have been friends with them for years, they are hard-working, honest gold miners trying to make a living.  They have been helping us with our lastest designs on our 210, 151s and more dry washers equipment as well.   They are also avid Gold Nugget shooters as well they really put the time in.

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Gold Nugget Man has some awesome looking nuggets on their website! I was quite impressed. I suggest everyone go and take a look at their pieces. They are fantastic people who work way harder than most people would mining their land! I think there are 'deals' for everyone there!

These are beautiful pieces! I love the descriptions, the stories and the obvious quality and care put into each piece.

Been able to see their work first hand. They really put their heart and soul into their mining. Beautiful quality pieces. Good people!

These rock! (Pun intended)


New and Improved Super Concentrator with an even better price!

KSCR Super ConcentratorWe’ve made it next to impossible for you not to add this little power house to your prospecting arsenal at only $350.00!

We are extremely excited to present the next generation of a dredge designed for the recovery of super fine gold
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This New Super Mini Max Power Sluice Concentrator unit is the most versatile package that we have ever offered.



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