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We are exited to get you ready and geared up for GOLD SEASON !Pat, Mark & Teddy Keene


A52S Super Sluice Box has arrived!

Keene Engineering is very proud to present our newest member of our Sluice Box family!
The A52S Super Sluice Box is our new baby and we couldn’t be prouder! Learn what all the buzz is about by watching our video then get yours before there is a waiting list!


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Holy-Moly Made in America
This is a very interesting video from a friend of ours. We are the manufacturer of the Holy-Moly Digger. Great product that I have used myself. Quick story, I had to install about 4 fence post In my back yard. After the first hole I was exhausted, using a conventional post hole digger. The dirt was hard and full of bamboo roots and it took me 30 minutes or more. Fortunately I only live 15 minus from shop and 30 minutes later I was at home cutting my first hole. The next 3 holes I had done in about 20 minutes. My holes are clean perfect shape and I was ready for more work.

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Thank you Keene Engineering for this helpful information

This is a custom 3" dredge we just built for a customer. The sluice box is one of our newest, 3" slow flow sluice box with a old school header box resting on a set of cool legs. I also love the plumbing system on this dredge. The 30 to 100 feet of the layflate hose is all 2" and this will greatly enhance the performance even over longer runs reducing the friction loss. At the end of the 2" hose we made a very cool 2" By 1.5" By 1.5" splitter very much like a header in a hotrod car. One side of the spitters goes to the 3" suction nozzle the other side goes to the 1.5" blaster hose. The blaster hose is so powerful that it will take all he has to hold onto it underwater. That is why we added on a full port brass ball valve he can control the water flow and mix the flow between the suction nozzle and the blaster nozzle. There are to full port brass ball valves on the hose one for the blaster and one for the 3" nozzle this work amazing if you are doing any dry dredging. This is a very versatile package for shallow dredging when you really want to move a lot of material. ... See MoreSee Less

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A 4" header box would not work with very well on the dredge. Lower power, less fine gold recovery. The standard oversized jet power jet would have to be longer as well since the jet flare makes up for extra length. The header box's work well with suction nozzle but not the higher powered none cloning power jet system.

Wow a lot of comments there. If you compare a Jet flare dredge to a header box there some significant difference in both power and recovery. A jet flare system will produce about 15 to 20% better suction power when using a power jet system. When using a suction nozzle not so much only about 10%. The jet flare design optimists suction by utilizing all the energy from the pump. Also the jet flare allows the material to become liner flow and allows material to settle or zone out before it even enters the sluice box optimizing fine gold recovery. Also clearing rock jams are much easier and you can run in shallow water with less grief since the jet flare can be run flatter. I am not bagging on the header box design it does work well but there are some things the not everyone understands. The 3" dredge in pictures is a ver specialized dredge meant to work with a suction nozzle only in very small creeks where there is not place to float the dredge. Also the customer is going to be doing a lot of dry dredging so he will be sucking a lot of air through the system and flooding and washing the holes out with the blaster hose.

Tim Baigent

James Curtis

Klaus Thomas der gerät!

A bucket with hole in the top over the intake strainer will keep debris out and aid in fast priming I have used this for years and wondered why Keene never picked up on it.

I really wish you would make a crash box for the 4" and oversized jet.

great setup

Awesome setup...

How much for Something like this

Once again, quality and innovation you only find with Keene / Patrick Keene!

PM me the price with shipping to Sydney

@KeeneEngineering how much can you build me just that 3 " box and header for? Pm me please.

How much to upgrade a 4” 3 stage box like that

Are you selling just the header boxes by themselves?

I want a old school header for a 4”

Where can you use it.?

I need one!

I think an extension would be needed when dealing with a lot of fines and heavies.

How much?

Sir you gave me this machine ,I catch some gold ,I return money ,this machine, I true tolk

Very cool!!!!!! Donna Mastro Torres

Oh wow. Y'all still sell those boxes?

I like it

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This is one our more popular items that really works.
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This is one our more popular items that really works.

One of our friends Curt and sun Edward where out in the desert a few weeks back and they made a great little snowman. Rock Pick Keene hat and beer my kind of Snowman!!! ... See MoreSee Less

One of our friends Curt and sun Edward where  out in the desert a few weeks back and they made a great little snowman.  Rock Pick Keene hat and beer my kind of Snowman!!!

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I need one of them hats 🧢


This is video on American Mining Rights Association they need your help. ... See MoreSee Less

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We made a few changes on our 2" back packing dredge float and frame. The frame now has 4 additional straps that holds the floats to the frame more securely than just the bungee cords. ... See MoreSee Less

We made a few changes on our 2 back packing dredge float and frame.  The frame now has 4 additional straps that holds the floats to the frame more securely than just the bungee cords.Image attachmentImage attachment

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Can you send me one to austraila please



I'm an inventer

I have one of this 2" dredge and it awesome know i just need a spot to put it in

So cool and thanks to pat I got my new classifier for my a52s before I go out this weekend

Mark I have one of these 2” backpack dredges but I need to upgrade with the four underside metal straps. Please let me know the cost for the pieces I’ll need.

What does this type frame cost and can I purchase upgraded frame by its self, does anyone have a link to go to

I kinda wish I had a 2” my old school 4” is heavy

😎☠🤙 Amazingness

Enfin 😁 ca fait 2 ans que c'est fait sur la mienne car les tendeurs vraiment pas efficace 😉

I'll take one.


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