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Now you can

We are exited to get you ready and geared up for GOLD SEASON !Pat, Mark & Teddy Keene


A52S Super Sluice Box has arrived!

Keene Engineering is very proud to present our newest member of our Sluice Box family!
The A52S Super Sluice Box is our new baby and we couldn’t be prouder! Learn what all the buzz is about by watching our video then get yours before there is a waiting list!


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This is a quick video of a good customer Dan made for us on a 160 Dry Washer being powered by a Makita blower. The blower worked amazingly well. It is quiet, light weight and the run time was around 1 hour. This is a great option if you are working in areas that do not allow gas motors and maintain a low profile. ... See MoreSee Less

The Keene A52S sluice box in action working up on the Yuba River on Patricks Yuba Bash 2020 ... See MoreSee Less

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Here's my A52S at Roaring Camp this Summer. It worked great. Thanks Pat.

These are a few pictures of the latest upgrades on the A22 and A23 gold suction guns. ... See MoreSee Less

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Mark Davidson

Ay keene.. ! Have a look at the Aus made "Yabby Pump".. We been making these for decades, usually for getting bait before going fishing but prospecting is it's next use and we dont make em out of plastic ! Wilson bait / yabby pump

A22 Backpack Super Crevice Sucker $43.95 A23 Super Crevice Sucker $54.95

These are currently in stock

Just purchased one of these, do they require a hose attachment for the upper hole and if so, where can that be purchased?

I need a pump and motor looking for price. GX270 for a single motor 5inch dredge. How much

Are these available for purchase? I could utilize this very well here in the Black Hills!

Like to see this test in the most extreme at KEYSVILLE on the Kern

I need one of these or two how much is the shipping to rapid city Sd and how much are they going for

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This is a quick video we made up on the A22 and A23 gold suciton gun. This all started because we made a slight design improvement on smaller A22 gold suction gun. The new design make the smaller A22 slightly longer providing greater suciton and longer sucition duration. ... See MoreSee Less

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Keene.. Piss off the port hole, it's not needed, swap your wing-nut for 2x standard nuts, then swap the nylock nut for a wing nut ! Problem solved.. adjust from bottom. Swap the shitty PVC housing for stainless, the weight for size is actually pretty close. Then use the pvc as a perishable nozzle tip to prevent dinging the edges of the stainless. Coming from Australia, the country who developed this !

This is much better because the nuts seize up after a while as you see, doing an adjustment (in the field), the way you are is good when the nuts aren't seized but could you imagine trying to make an adjustment like that.. ?? This way you can jam the wing nut, stand on the handle and rotate the barrel and get more crank on it !

Thats how it will look

Every one is back from the 2020 Keene Bash up on the N Fork of the Yuba river below Downiville Ca. Every one had a great time with some beutifull country and great freinds and good gold as well. ... See MoreSee Less

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Wish I could attend one of these outings! Pat and Mark thank you for your help and support the past year!

Awesome, looks likes a great adventure, i wanna go next time.


We went last year and had a great time with all. Was great to hang out with Pat and meet many others from around the world with the same passions for finding the Yella. This year we missed out. Hope to make it out this next year. Miss ya uncle Patrick !!!

From the pictures posted Pat, looks like everyone had an amazing time. My bad that I missed out this year. We always have the next Yuba Bash for me to join. I’ll call you after I’m all done with work Pat.

Stay safe from the wildfires. But then, I don’t have to tell you guys, y’all probably got the pump Keene Firefighter situated all around the perimeter of your claim

I had an awesome time with Pat and his friends!

Awesome Pat, your brother told me it was still on this year, I wanted to make it out there and would have if this was a "normal year."

Ah man when is the next one?! I would love to go any time!

What! That's cool,when is the next one? I wanna go:D

Looks like fun!

Is this by invite only or can anyone join in? Interested.

No covid in California I guess lol

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This is a really cool water recirculation system for a Mini Max ... See MoreSee Less

This is a really cool water recirculation system for a Mini Max

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Nice setup! Key point as shown: Never set your battery directly on concrete, set it a wood board. Concrete drains the batteries power. Something I learned while working in a gas/service station when they use to do oil changes, fix flats, and jump start dead batteries. 👍🏼⛏⚒⛏⚒😎

I put a burlap sack in the bucket (lots of holes) and a burlap sack on the in pan right before the return pump . It controlled the water clarity .

Nice set up

That's pretty nice

Wow like that

Harganya berapa ,Dan apakah barang ini tersedia di shopee


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These are a few pictures of 4" ultra and the new 5/6" ultra sluice with the slow flow recovery system. The slow flow is a very simple but effective sluice box. When you place a section of heavy gauge woven wire over a low-speed riffle the recovery is amazing. When passing water over a woven wire the heavies fall through quickly and the large diameter wire acts like a mini riffle stalling the water speed. Let take a high powered 5" dredge with water entering the sluice at 10 feet per second. The water under a 1/2" woven wire will drop the speed approximately 20% a 3/8" woven will drop the speed 35% slower a 1/4" woven will slow the material 50%. So we all know that a flour gold is very difficult to capture at higher speed water flows.
We all know that when dredging the, rock passing over the riffle board will effect the recovery of riffle no matter what kind of riffle.
So the slow flow accomplishes three things.
1. The 1/4" heave woven wire drops the water speed in half and allows the gold to drop out of suspension.
2. The woven wire is placed above the small riffle so that the larger rocks will not alter or distort the recovery system.
3. We place the fine gold recovery system at the end of the box when all chaos has calmed down the water flows are more linear the best placed for flower gold recovery.
... See MoreSee Less

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I have that sluice box now a great box for catching gold

I think that will have to be my next box for my 4" or 6" since all the gold here in AZ is pretty small

I just bought one from smoke foot pawn can't wait to test it out

I need to upgrade my 4in box

Keene Engineering, Inc. What would it cost me to have you guys make a riffle set like this to go in a box that's 22 inches wide and 7 ft long.

What is under the expaned metal in the slow flow area

So wire mesh over riffles over expanded metal over rubber 2 depth matting?

I need one.

I need one also

Hugo del Aguila

They work freak Robert Helm has one and damn I want one now


Ted Thomas

Cuanto es el precio

I need one how much is it?

How much it cost?

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New and Improved Super Concentrator with an even better price!

KSCR Super ConcentratorWe’ve made it next to impossible for you not to add this little power house to your prospecting arsenal at only $350.00!

We are extremely excited to present the next generation of a dredge designed for the recovery of super fine gold
Model 6220SMAX

This New Super Mini Max Power Sluice Concentrator unit is the most versatile package that we have ever offered.



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