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Patrick's Keene Yuba Bash 2020 ... See MoreSee Less

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This is another 12-volt system that works. This customer has a single RP4000 "4000 Gallons per hour" 12-volt pump with a modified spray bar. The pump is 2" discharge, and the spray bars break off into 2 x 1.5" fittings, then necking down to dual 1" ports. The plumbing is essential, having a clean transition with no bottlenecks. Both customers are reporting the great result. The main thing behind these dual or larger 12 volt pumps is the ability to process higher volumes of material to hit the machine with a full shovel load even in clayish environments. These customers are reporting working over a yard of material an hour with amazing fine gold recovery.

We have a few miner things to work out before we offer these to the market
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No gold they say in Fl. Trying to figure out what is best for to buy. Spring on my property turns into a stream

Water pressure looks really good!!!

Portable nice

This is something really cool that you can do with your A52 with a high banker conversion with dual 12 volt RP2200 pump 2200 ... See MoreSee Less

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Thats all kinds of awesome

Well let's see the GOLD!! DUST

*** Holiday specials through December 25th ***

Free shipping on complete machines in USA except for Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.
Restrictions apply: Dredges up to 4” and small high bankers up to 175 Series
Feel free to call in if you have any questions? Some restrictions may apply.
The following sluices are also eligible for free shipping: A51A, A51 and A52

Additional Specials

+ Free shipping on the following kits.

MMPSCK Mini Max high bankers
KCT Keene Crevice trowel (free item)
MF1 Magic fingers (free item)

A52S Super sluice
KCT Keene Crevice trowel (free item)
GBS gold bottle snifter (free item)
A28 Gold magnet (free item)

KSCR Keene super concentrator
A28A Big orange magnet (free item)
GBS Gold bottle snifter (free item)

Dealer sales are not eligible.
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Does this special sale include the fire pump?

Do you price match someone selling your same product but for cheaper.

Good time to buy from Keene Engineering, Inc.!

This is a new video using the Keene 160 with the Makita rechargeable blower. Great set up, easy low profile, and quiet. We found some nice gold and had a great day. ... See MoreSee Less

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There’s our man, Dan. Nice catch Dan.

Oh Mark and Pat what did I stir up in you!!! Lol

Keene's Updated DW2 and DW212V updates ... See MoreSee Less

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I think there should be an improvement on the riffle tray because what happens if this gets a rip in it?? It has to be sent to you to be fixed right?? I have seen on other machines mostly blower ones with a mat that comes out under the riffles..maybe something like that would be better so it can be replaced easier??

This is a quick video of a good customer Dan made for us on a 160 Dry Washer being powered by a Makita blower. The blower worked amazingly well. It is quiet, light weight and the run time was around 1 hour. This is a great option if you are working in areas that do not allow gas motors and maintain a low profile. ... See MoreSee Less

The Keene A52S sluice box in action working up on the Yuba River on Patricks Yuba Bash 2020 ... See MoreSee Less

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Here's my A52S at Roaring Camp this Summer. It worked great. Thanks Pat.

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