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Time For Some Good News!

Take a minute to read this very exciting article by Shannon Poe at the American Mining Rights Association!

Firstly, we know you are as skeptical as we are, after all, we’ve been told things over the past 9 years (like rulings from courts and such) which give us hope, but it always ended up being the same BS, delays, denials and shutdowns The small mining community donated millions to go to court, Brandon Rinehart was dragged through many court battles and that too we all donated to. All to no avail... Continue Reading


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This is a really cool water recirculation system for a Mini Max ... See MoreSee Less

This is a really cool water recirculation system for a Mini Max

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Nice setup! Key point as shown: Never set your battery directly on concrete, set it a wood board. Concrete drains the batteries power. Something I learned while working in a gas/service station when they use to do oil changes, fix flats, and jump start dead batteries. 👍🏼⛏⚒⛏⚒😎

I put a burlap sack in the bucket (lots of holes) and a burlap sack on the in pan right before the return pump . It controlled the water clarity .

That's pretty nice

Wow like that

Harganya berapa ,Dan apakah barang ini tersedia di shopee


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These are a few pictures of 4" ultra and the new 5/6" ultra sluice with the slow flow recovery system. The slow flow is a very simple but effective sluice box. When you place a section of heavy gauge woven wire over a low-speed riffle the recovery is amazing. When passing water over a woven wire the heavies fall through quickly and the large diameter wire acts like a mini riffle stalling the water speed. Let take a high powered 5" dredge with water entering the sluice at 10 feet per second. The water under a 1/2" woven wire will drop the speed approximately 20% a 3/8" woven will drop the speed 35% slower a 1/4" woven will slow the material 50%. So we all know that a flour gold is very difficult to capture at higher speed water flows.
We all know that when dredging the, rock passing over the riffle board will effect the recovery of riffle no matter what kind of riffle.
So the slow flow accomplishes three things.
1. The 1/4" heave woven wire drops the water speed in half and allows the gold to drop out of suspension.
2. The woven wire is placed above the small riffle so that the larger rocks will not alter or distort the recovery system.
3. We place the fine gold recovery system at the end of the box when all chaos has calmed down the water flows are more linear the best placed for flower gold recovery.
... See MoreSee Less

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I have that sluice box now a great box for catching gold

I think that will have to be my next box for my 4" or 6" since all the gold here in AZ is pretty small

I just bought one from smoke foot pawn can't wait to test it out

I need to upgrade my 4in box

Keene Engineering, Inc. What would it cost me to have you guys make a riffle set like this to go in a box that's 22 inches wide and 7 ft long.

What is under the expaned metal in the slow flow area

So wire mesh over riffles over expanded metal over rubber 2 depth matting?

I need one.

Hugo del Aguila

They work freak Robert Helm has one and damn I want one now


Ted Thomas

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This is some gold found in the 4" ultra dredge with the slow flow system. Norms dredge needed a little fine-tuning and now look what kind of fine gold he is finding. ... See MoreSee Less

This is some gold found in the 4 ultra dredge with the slow flow system.   Norms dredge needed a little fine-tuning and now look what kind of fine gold he is finding.

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The tiny stuff adds up.

‘Slow Flow System’ ?? I’ve got a 4” dredge here..



That is amazing

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This gold was found with a new prototype 5/6" dredge with a new slow flow sluice box and a newly updated dredge frame as well. The Keene 5" shown in the picture produced close to 13 ounces or over a pound of gold this summer. Not bad for a few months of work. Vick loved the new sluice box with the new slow flow recovery system plus the simplicity of the system kept things greif free with quick and easy clean-ups. What a amazing haul and they had a great time as well. I remember summers like this back before the B/S dredging band in Ca. I will be posted more pictures later as well ... See MoreSee Less

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Love it! We need MORE miners taking a stance and "peacefully protesting"!

More dredge pics! Detailed pics of dredge!

Daniel Cowin

A de minimis impact is one that, after taking into account avoidance, minimization, mitigation and enhancement measures, results in no adverse effect to the activities, features, or attributes qualifying a park, recreation area, or refuge for protection under Section 4(f).

This is all about the extreme left wing like our governor that is a extreme environmentalist. It is all about politics

Even the fish and game and all the studies come up with the term

Theres no reason that streams can,t be dredged for gold.i had a job where i had to keep track of streams for several months a year.the spring floods and floods from heavy downpours does way more damage to a stream then dredging ever will.i saw where normal natural flooding totally change a stream.with the job i had i had to take measurements about once a month in the same locations on the streams and noticed how much change there was.i,ve seen stream beds go from pure fine sand to nothing but cobble rocks do to flooding...and as we all known waterways even change course over the years..thats where oxbows along a river comes from.

If we told you the location we would both have to kill ourselves!

What’s a 10” sluice with a slow flow recovery system worth on its own Cheers

Nice chunky shiny Gold.

Come try it out in Maine haha, be a 20 year total here

I need a list for upgrades to do to my 4". I forgot to get information from Mark a couple days ago while I had him on the phone.

You forgot to share the specific location. 😏 lol

de minimis impact

Gosh leave some gold for me!

Nice haul

All Amazingness♡☆

What State or River?

Gd job, Keene guys!


Agree Michael Coto


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This is some gold from North Carolina that a buddy of mine sent me. I believe it was found with a 4" Ultra. ... See MoreSee Less

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Whats a 4" ultra?

That’s cool

Very nice nc gold send me the low flow box I will send you the first 5 cleanups

I need this machinery but cupprit your, my hand empty

Definitely some beautiful gold with lots of character! 😯

Where at in NC I wanna go!!

Very good

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This is the first of two fully camouflaged Mini max units painted by Pat. This is a great way to stay low profile and silent so others don't know where your Hot Spot is. This is not available from the factory but, shows what somebody can do to stay invisible as you work in the gold fields. the pump and hoses are also camo.
Looking forward to some awesome prospecting. Camo dog not included!
... See MoreSee Less

This is the first of two fully camouflaged Mini max units painted by Pat. This is a great way to stay low profile and silent so others dont know where your Hot Spot is. This is not available from the factory but, shows what somebody can do to stay invisible as you work in the gold fields. the pump and hoses are also camo.
Looking forward to some awesome prospecting. Camo dog not included!

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Ooooooh I need one

That’s awesome! Incognito! I should do the backpack dredge.

What’s the purpose of the steep sluice after the header box ?? Large gold will simply go over end

How much for this price please

More room to recover. Great job keene

I'm wrapping mine in real tree camo l ol l

Maybe once Newsome gets out of office we can open up the high banking again without having to go incognito

Pat Keene you Renaissance man you

Heavy Pans!!

Tienen representate en lima Perú. Estoy interesado en comprar.

Love it!!

very nice 👍🏻


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This is just a short story. Mining is all about having adventures and adds to the camping, hiking, fishing, off-roading, etc. experience.
Can you please do me a favor and tell Pat Thank You. My father is 82 and I am 58 and we both have issues getting around. Both a Handicapped due to injuries from the wars. But we got the gold bug and called Pat for information on equipment. The items he suggested have worked out so well we are going to the hills n2-3 times a week and having a blast. Pat brought us back outside and loving life again instead of a couch potato.
... See MoreSee Less

This is just a short story.  Mining is all about having adventures and adds to the camping, hiking, fishing, off-roading, etc. experience. 
Can you please do me a favor and tell Pat Thank You.  My father is 82 and I am 58 and we both have issues getting around.  Both a Handicapped due to injuries from the wars.  But we got the gold bug and called Pat for information on equipment.  The items he suggested have worked out so well we are going to the hills n2-3 times a week and having a blast.  Pat brought us back outside and loving life again instead of a couch potato.Image attachment

Choosing the Best Mining Equipment For YOU!
By David Knowlen

I’ve sold mining equipment for nearly twenty-five years and have seen way too many enthusiastic people come into our store, make a major purchase, only later to discover that they chose the wrong equipment.
I’m not referring to the occasional weekend prospector whose primary recovery tools are a shovel, a gold pan and a bucket. This is about people who likely had caught a case of “gold fever” and decided to attempt gold mining on a much larger scale without considering the requirements of effort, time and challenges.
Some people became inspired and rush into believing that finding gold might be a chance to get-rich quickly, especially when they may be dealing with personal financial challenges in a poor economy. Truth is that their chances of being successful at getting rich by striking the ‘motherlode’ are pretty slim.
Becoming successful at gold mining just because you’ve purchased a new gold dredge does not guarantee success at recovering gold. Success at mining takes lots more than fervent determination and an insatiable desire for finding gold. You need the right tools in your mining equipment inventory that fit the level of your interests, skills and capabilities. You also need plenty of knowledge in how to operate these tools properly and in a good gold-bearing location that has a potential of good gold recovery.
Could be that you’re looking for some new high-performance mining equipment such as a new gold dredge or a high-banker/concentrator. How about a portable trammel (wash plant)? Maybe you’re looking at a high-end metal detector with all the latest electronic features? If this best describes your level of interest you are not alone.
Some think that they know just what they need but acquire the wrong tools while others buy equipment not fully knowing how to effectively utilize it. Many purchase the wrong size of equipment for their current and future needs. They rush into a purchase not realizing that over time they might not have the sustaining interest required for successful gold prospecting, later realizing they wasted their money.
For these reasons these people need help to make the right decision before they make your purchase. Use common-sense and understand your requirements in the selection of equipment for your unique capabilities, skill and level of interest to avoid future disappointment or dissatisfaction.
More people are out looking for gold today than ever before in the global history of mankind. With so many gold and treasure shows on TV or articles in major magazines the growing amount of publicity given to the search for gold has just made prospecting so much more popular. For this and many more reasons prospecting has become an appealing endeavor.
Page 1
Ask the gold mining equipment manufacturers and retailers. They are selling a lot more high-performance, small-scale mechanical mining gear these days than in the past.
Consider this fact. Another reason for renewed interest has been driven by two basic forces, the dramatic rise in the global demand for gold that has driven its value steadily upward and the current economic crisis. Both have produced a kind of quiet “gold rush” now occurring across the western United States.
From Alaska to Arizona, Colorado to California and within our nation’s historic western gold-bearing sites an increasingly large number of people out there prospecting for and finding naturally occurring gold.
As you’re reading this article it’s likely you have acquired a strong and growing interest in gold prospecting and mining. Maybe your interest has become so vivid that you find yourself daydreaming of finding gold nuggets or you’ve discovered a recent passion for simply staring at the flow within local rivers and streams. Knowledgeable people simply refer to this as a beginning case of “gold fever”.
Small-scale gold mining by individuals just like yourself has gained a new and growing popularity but to newcomers to this enterprise willing to make an investment in larger scale equipment we offer some sound advice. It is…if you are truly dedicated to this gold mining enterprise, take your time, buy smart and buy for the long term.
Long ago someone told me, “Success, quite simply, is a combination of personal commitment, acquired knowledge, skill and application, coupled with opportunity, when assembled equals reward”.
This might also apply to gold mining.
It helps to have the right type and size of tools designed specifically for the type of work you’ll be doing. I’ll share some other helpful tips that may aid you in making the right choice before you spend your hard earned money.

Tip #1: Before investing in equipment know your specific mining interests and buy equipment suited for your near-term mining needs.

I’ve emphasized the above because this is the reason for you considering a purchase of a specific type and size of mining equipment. It is you who will be operating this equipment and it is you that should get the greatest return for your equipment investment. After all it was not designed to hang for years unused on your garage wall.
Hands on experience here is invaluable. Because you’ve likely seen and even likely tried your hand at operating a small-scale gold dredge or a power-sluice, you now realize that both process a significant amount of concentrated material. When compared to your basic gold pan or sluice box, today’s mechanized, high-tech equipment is highly efficient but to recover the gold, all require a depth of knowledge, experience and personal ability along with access to gold bearing areas to get the most back from an often large initial equipment investment.
Page 2
Buying a dredge or other equipment does not assure you’ll find gold but it will commit you to a much larger personal involvement in this enterprise. You need a good working knowledge of the type of equipment you plan to operate, which is vital for success. Ask yourself if you are truly ready for this level of personal involvement with gold mining.
You should also know that for preference of the majority of today’s more serious small-scale miners favor the use of motorized floating suction dredges, from small, portable units I call “back-packers” up to eight-inch commercial rigs. A close second are power-sluices, also known as “concentrators” or “high-bankers”, and both obviously are used in regions where there is an ample supply of water required for their function.
While it’s great you might be contemplating the purchase of a portable gold dredge or power-sluice all too often we hear of newcomers making the wrong choice or later determine they purchased the wrong size of mining equipment. That’s unfortunate…and it is unnecessary.
An example is of the person who bought a highly-priced metal detector best suited for Arizona’s highly-mineralized regions BUT he lives in in a western state well suited for mechanical mining gear. The same could be said the same about someone who bought a dredge and resides in New Mexico.
You see…with a little basic knowledge and some hands-on experience, you likely won’t make this kind of mistake. It is also most important that you determine your specific type of mining interests well in advance of your equipment selection and before laying down your hard earned cash.
If you have the opportunity try operating different types and sizes and become familiar with the features of each.
That’s not you, you say, and that you won’t make these mistakes? And you’ve already tried dredging or even worked on a common operation and shared in the gold recovery. Perhaps you have already made your equipment choice? Well this should still help, so please read on!
Buying the wrong type or size of equipment happens all too often. It usually happens after someone finds a little “color” and gets a case of gold fever. They realized that larger and more effective processes of gold recovery might bring them more gold. Having some basic knowledge of gold recovery methods they start dreaming of finding those golden riches believing that gold is just waiting for them to find it.
While this can be true it is frankly not just that simple. In more than thirty years of dredging I learned that finding gold is an actual bonus to simply enjoying your search for gold as the hunt for gold should be the most satisfying part of the adventure.
While every story of an unsatisfied person with a nearly new gold dredge for sale, the reason it is for sale are usually pretty common. Some went out and purchased mining equipment only to realize that it was the wrong equipment type or size or that they weren’t able, perhaps not physically capable to use it enough to justify their investment, or they quickly outgrew the capability of the equipment.
Page 3
Maybe they did not full comprehend the significant amount of time and effort proportionally necessary to become successful at this enterprise. Others discover that their mining equipment cannot be used in their favorite mining spot, often because of the lack of information of important regulatory limitations. It’s critical to determine the applicable regulations within the areas you plan to work.
Others did not find a buddy to be involved with their operation. In the case of gold dredging everyone should know that truly safe dredging and diving requires two people, one to back up the other in case of an emergency. I know this firsthand because a dredging partner once got me out of a serious situation that I could not handle alone.
Anyway, you get the idea. The end result is that NOT having basic information, knowledge and experience aids in making a bad choice that can sour a newcomer and make him lose interest in gold mining when he only needed some good insight BEFORE making their selection and purchase. Here is another tip to help you avoid this problem.

Tip # 2: Don’t buy expensive mining equipment if you are not absolutely certain about your future involvement.

There is a simple way to evaluate the depth of your mining interests in advance of your purchase. Ask yourself if this is [honestly] is this just a passing interest or are you truly determined enough in your pursuit of gold and committed for long term involvement. Consider the time required for a productive and effective mining operation which means time away from your family and your job. Are you able to make this commitment?
It will also help if you prepare a plan for your current and future mining interests. We call this an “operating plan”, as you’ll need to become fully comfortable with going beyond your current recreational involvement. This is the basis for your plan and you need to know exactly what will be required.
Next, be absolutely certain that you can afford to lay out some significant cash for going to this greater level of involvement. Good equipment is not inexpensive and should be considered an investment into your larger, long term involvement and operating plan.

Tip #3: Know Your Preferred Mining Method

Purchase only the equipment manufactured for the specific mining process that meets your level of interest. I’d question the logic of someone who buys a metal detector when their primary interests are in operating a gold dredge, but some people do just this.
I suggest that you look at all the different methods and processes of gold mining and select the type of mining method that you would most prefer for the long term and also know exactly what you are capable of operating.
Page 4
If your preference is dredging and you have friends involved or you can participate in a club’s common dredging operation, that’s great. This initial experience will help you also gain basic knowledge of diving and an understanding of the overall process. Remember that capably working underwater is a pre-requisite for effective dredging.
If you live in an arid climate consider the equipment most effective for that region might be a “dry-washer” or a metal detector so compare the different equipment types, models, brands, efficiencies, prices and sizes. Ask your dealer about equipment prices and features and compare models and capabilities of each to more clearly understand what you want AND need so you can become proficient with its operation.
I cannot state this enough. Make absolutely certain that you clearly know your personal and physical limitations asking yourself if you are truly right for this kind of dedicated enterprise.
Even part-time mining requires a substantial commitment of time, travel and involvement beyond a recreational interest. If you can only spend a few days or less then a week each year at gold mining ask yourself if you can afford to invest the money necessary to purchase a dredge or other piece of mechanical mining equipment and at best, find only a limited return. Perhaps you might find a buddy to share in the expense.

Tip #4: Equipment Selection…Chose Right The First Time!

Your personal mining interests and your physical limitations should affect your selection of equipment features and size.
Dredging and power-sluicing are different mining methods but both require lots of physical effort and stamina. Are you up to the challenges and do you have the physical capabilities necessary for suction dredging because this might determine the size selection for your mining equipment purchase?
Remember that choosing what will be the best size of equipment for your “long term” requirements is critical. Why purchase a two-inch dredge when you might quickly outgrow this unit, say within a year or two, later wishing you had purchased a larger and more productive model. This happened to me when I just first got involved and acquired a smaller-sized dredge. My interests and involvement quickly exceeded my dredge’s capabilities so I went on to purchase a larger unit only a year after getting my smaller unit. The opposite here might also apply and I’ve seen where someone buys equipment much larger then they could operate.
I urge you…do not buy a large dredge strictly upon a dream of finding larger amounts of gold. The end result is always the same. That person will become disillusioned and disappointed. I once met a new gold dredger who believed that “bigger is better”. After only a couple of attempts at working in a common dredging operation on a summer vacation he became convinced that he could become successful at operating larger equipment.
Page 5

He purchased a six-inch dredge, later realizing that he could not operate it by himself. He did not want a partner to share in the operation and also had restrictive limitations for his time dredging. Add to this is that he lived several hundred miles east from access to gold-bearing rivers. It was only a few months before his equipment was up for sale.
Tip #5: Experience First…Then Purchase!

If you have never attempted dredging or other processes we’d suggest getting some hands-on training and personal experience first. Best way to obtain some initial experience is by working with others who can offer their advice and share their experiences. What you’ll get back is a working knowledge of the specific process.
If you decide that dredging is what you prefer, ask yourself whether you would feel comfortable and proficient in working underwater for long periods of time using a face mask and an air regulator?
Have you had prior training in using underwater breathing (hookah) gear? Still inclined to pursue getting a dredge but lack the experience, enroll in one of your local mining association dredging classes or purchase a week’s education from an experienced teacher in one of those larger scale operations that offers summer training classes. Better yet, locate a partner who already knows how to dredge and learn from him. The same goes for all other mining methods.
Here is another consideration. Check to see if your state has restrictive regulations that prohibit dredging. Then decide if you are still willing to travel to more distant gold bearing rivers and streams for your dredging operations. Find experts and ask for their advice. What better source of helpful information and advice about gold mining then from a seasoned veteran in your local mining association, you’re nearest mining supply dealer or from the experts that design and manufacture today’s mining equipment.
Either can help because as you’ve learned there are lots of factors to be considered before purchasing ANY mechanical mining equipment. And their expertise can help you avoid making costly mistakes. Ask your local dealer as he can offer valuable advice based upon your interests, location and what you want to spend.
We cannot overstate the need in having the knowledge of the type of mining you want to pursue, having the right equipment selected for your needs and a clear understanding of the required time, money and dedication to realize your golden dream.
I’d also suggest calling the experts at Keene Engineering. Ask them specific questions about equipment types and sizes, their efficiency and productivity AND most importantly help you determine what might be right for you.
And yes, there is still lots of gold waiting to be recovered, but finding it and recovering it requires all the right ingredients…knowledge, time, patience, dedication, having the right equipment and a commitment to the overall effort (make that hard work). We hope you too find your golden riches. Good hunting.
Page 6
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Every state has GPAA chapters that have outings that are open to the public, go to one! Most of them now have a facebook page and are easier than ever to access! Go to the outings, see what equipment people are using. Do your research! Where do you want to dredge/highbank, what are the regulations there? What tertiary equipment do you need, truck? trailer? I have a small pickup truck, like to work alone, in a low gold-bearing state with tons of water. I purchased a ultra-mini 2" dredge, concentrator, pan, classifiers, vials etc. I enjoy the act of dredging so much that when I did my first cleanout and got about 50 small fine pieces of gold, maybe 20$ worth, in my mind that paid for the dredge. It helps too that I enjoy the act of dredging. 99% of dredging you don't actually see any gold. So the packing, unpacking, hauling, working in the sun, neck deep in water, shoveling, all of that I enjoyed. 1% of the time is the classifying, concentrating, and panning I really enjoy that too! I spent years researching and deciding what and when to purchase. Even if I get a larger dredge in the future i will never sell my ultra-mini 2", it can get places that a 4" or 6" will never be able to get in my neck of the woods. I'm a very satisfied Keene Engineering, Inc. customer, Pat and Mark have always taken the time to answer my phone call and answer my questions and give good sound advice that is in my best interest, Not just in it to sell equipment for the sake of selling equipment. So just to reiterate the above, whether you are in this as a hobby, or looking to profit, first spend a little money on classifiers and a pan, and then spend money on travelling to GPAA outings and/or to public gold bearing claims then purchase the right equipment...

Well said! Lots of good advise!

Well written!


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