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Take a minute to read this very exciting article by Shannon Poe at the American Mining Rights Association!

Firstly, we know you are as skeptical as we are, after all, we’ve been told things over the past 9 years (like rulings from courts and such) which give us hope, but it always ended up being the same BS, delays, denials and shutdowns The small mining community donated millions to go to court, Brandon Rinehart was dragged through many court battles and that too we all donated to. All to no avail... Continue Reading


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This is a quick assembly of the A52S conversion with the dual 12 RP2200 pumps ... See MoreSee Less

Video image

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When is your showroom going to open back up?

I'm waiting to get one for my A52s

That looks great,but I am a dregder and that mite work for some and it does I tried one in Alaska lot of work.by the way I ordered a part from you a week ago Sp21 high volume pressure outlet #16493 have not received it ?

Someone’s review of their device’s predictive spelling is broken. Conversation? Really?

It works very well! I run that setup on one of our no gas properties love it! Thank you for your help Mark with getting it right!

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This is an updated flyer on the new A52S sluice and all the options and upgrades available for it. This also shows the new MAX12 high banker. The flyers are not finished just yet I have to proofread them and add some further details. I figured some information is better than none. ... See MoreSee Less

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How do I get one of these flyers when they are finished? I just bought a A52S and need some accessories.

So when will the high banker box come in for the A52S. CHA been back ordered?

have a lot of toys and no time to use them lol

Can you guys send 2 inch backpack dredge to Australia

It’s been a while.
I finally started prospecting with the dredge.
Took a long time to obtain the license.
It’s a wonderful machine the super Max 6inch.
It’s working well in the remote waters of Sierra Leone.
Easy to transport to remote areas and assemble on the spot.
The diving gear is great.
I have dived myself now for some days.
It’s a great experience.
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It’s been a while.
I finally started prospecting with the dredge.
Took a long time to obtain the license.
It’s a wonderful machine the super Max 6inch.
It’s working well in the remote waters of Sierra Leone. 
Easy to transport to remote areas and assemble on the spot.
The diving gear is great.
I have dived myself now for some days. 
It’s a great experience.

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son buenas lastima que no se venden en Perú siendo un pais de mineros, los hubo por un tiempo distribuidores en cusco y Lima... pero sus precios eran 300% mas

Where in Sierra Leone? I was there for 3 years.

Wow that's great

Be alot better if I was helping !

Thats one mean diamond catchin machine

Where can I get this machine? 6 inch hold dredges?


Me interesa la draga su precio

Sweet Salone...

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This is something new we are working on. This is an A52S sluice with our new high banker hopper assembly with dual RP2200 pumps make for a nice silent high production high banker. Roughly 1 yard per hour.

The Price is roughly 1188.00
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Have the sluice. Do you just sell the Hopper?

James Kendrick

It doesn’t matter how much dirt it can take if the capture system is terrible, miracle mat is the worst, you should team up with dream mat guys it would be fool proof then

Nice! I have the A52s already. Do you sell the washer section separately? What do you get for it including the pumps? How much of a waiting list is there?

Looks awesome. What’s the total gph on the pumps?

Y’all make this hard to resist. Really hard.

One pump kills a battery in no time. I can't imagine running two

Looks awesome. I was wandering what is the best degree⁰ (angle) to run the A52s with clean up mat?

Be nice if the high banker wouldn’t be on BO ,,,waiting !

My rendition I put together in 2019.



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This is a comment we had come from a customer that just purchased a New A52S.
Tony Put my new A52S in the water for the first time the past couple of days. Can't believe how well it works. Never used a sluice box before, but was able to get the A52S up and running in just a few minutes (watched this video a few times beforehand). Mostly very fine gold in the river I'm working, but it's catching it. I panned each mat separately for the first couple of cleanouts just to see where the gold was being caught. Didn't find any past the first two permanently attached mats. I thought long and hard about buying a less expensive sluice box, but I'm glad I decided to go with this one. No classifying, just shovel the material in. Definitely a big step up from just my shovel, screen and pan. Two more days left in this outing, can't wait to get back in the river in the morning!
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Attn Keene Engineering, Inc.: I love my Miracle Mat In my highbanker! The gold I find is mostly fine flower stuff! I have put a pan under it, another sluicebox under it, and a gold cube under it with nothing being found in them! It's all staying in my highbanker! 👍👍!

I love my A52S. It works great at Roaring Camp on the Mokelumne River every year. The Sluice legs & the no classifying is the best part.

Paid for my A52 the first time I used it. Found enough gold and a weekend of good times to buy a Keene 4 inch dredge . Just waiting until I can drive to Alaska. BTW. The dredge Paid for itself the first weekend also. Thank you Keene Engineering !

Currently waiting on my Super Mini. Can't wait!

Try the Inline-Classifyer with less/slower water.. 🤔

Except the long walk from Caesars down to the river carrying the heavy buckets of dirt

I would love a SUPER Mini with this sort of set up for small mountain streams.


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I just ran across this video and Wow how cool is this. Check this out you will enjoy it. ... See MoreSee Less

Video image

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That was awesome 👏

All there vidoes are great.

Great job

basically the best dredging channel on youtube

Хубава машина

There videos are bloody awesome abyss dredging good bunch of guys

Quotes including convention of usd to pgk, I'm serious here in png

Frickin monster, Pat

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Oh man you're teasing me here..I plan on doing similar. With my hopper, high banker, dredge combo. Ordered my A52S sluice in March. Payment was taken out, and put back into my account. Order details on Keene Engineering, Inc. says. Still pending.. I haven't spent the money in my account. It's sitting and I'm still waiting. Looking forward to getting out on the river's with my sluice. Getting some gold.

Dude put a mask on and move material

This is a quick video of the 4" ultra dredge with the latest upgrade "slow flow recovery system". Very simple and basic we remove the last 1/3rd of the all the riffles and lay in some expanded metal. We then place a 1/4" heavy gauge woven wire roughly 1" above and this does 4 things for fine gold recovery.
1. The 1/4" wove wire slows the water flow underneath less than have the speed allowing the flour gold to fall out of suspension.
2. The heavy gauge wire is round and rough so it creates in own riffle action. It caused the water to stall out the fines to fall through into a slower flow of water.
3. The elevated woven wire eliminates any effect that the larger material and rock on the riffle below.
4. Also for decades we have been trying to build a better sluice box the one thing we have been missing is not to do this in the beginning of the sluice due to all the chaos in the beginning of the sluice. If you give the flows a chance to become linear and zone out your recovery system become much more effective. I love this little 4" dredge Ulta. It is light compact dredge moves a lot of material for it size. I love it since it fits in the back of my Jeep.
... See MoreSee Less

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I can’t wait to find my 4” out there looking for a new home!

I like my four inch with the impact box , when run right it gets everything !


Saludos desde cusco perú

Gutted mine.upgraded it to dreammat dredge mat.added 9" of sluice.its way better now.went from 15 pans of cons to just 1.faster cleanout.and insulation.= more dredge time.gold recovery is even better

To much turbulence for dream mat

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New and Improved Super Concentrator with an even better price!

KSCR Super ConcentratorWe’ve made it next to impossible for you not to add this little power house to your prospecting arsenal at only $350.00!

We are extremely excited to present the next generation of a dredge designed for the recovery of super fine gold
Model 6220SMAX

This New Super Mini Max Power Sluice Concentrator unit is the most versatile package that we have ever offered.



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