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Time For Some Good News!

Take a minute to read this very exciting article by Shannon Poe at the American Mining Rights Association!

Firstly, we know you are as skeptical as we are, after all, we’ve been told things over the past 9 years (like rulings from courts and such) which give us hope, but it always ended up being the same BS, delays, denials and shutdowns The small mining community donated millions to go to court, Brandon Rinehart was dragged through many court battles and that too we all donated to. All to no avail... Continue Reading


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New pricing on A52S parts.
A52S New A52S Super Sluice box $324.95
A52SCS New A52S Classifier Screen System $84.95
A52SLK Leg Kit A52S & Mini Max $99.50
A52SRA New A52S Riffle board carpets, mats $54.95

We had a few comments on the forums about the high price on the new Keene A52S. Both Patrick and I would love to charge less. Unfortunately quality does cost. The classifier screen system has way more work into it than anyone could appreciate. Just the front grizzly bar system takes around 20 minutes to cut the little 1/8th rods deburr them lay them out into a jig, weld them and then go into plating. The 1/4 woven mesh is wrapped in a metal frame for durability and ease of handling. We have to heliarc custom aluminum framework on the bottom of the screen. Just the labor on the top screen is close to an hour. The legs are the best in the industry and extremely versatile and very expensive to manufacture. Even the material on the legs is very robust and labor-intensive to manufacture. Although Patrick and I agree this turned out to be a more expensive product than we anticipated, it will outlast and outperform anything out there. This sluice simply cost a lot to manufacture. There is so much detailed work that goes into to provide the absolute best performance it is more than even we bargained on. We could have made it cheaper and used cheaper material and taken short cuts however, this is not our style. Our goal is to build the best performing and highest quality we can make. Pricing is secondary. You can go online and find cheaper sliuce boxes on the market that we manufacture. The market is currently being flooded with a cheaply made Chinese sluice box. These are simply garbage and they may work ok at best for the first time or two until you drop them try to latch the riffles down when things are not lined up absolutely perfect and the whole thing fall s apart. Also good luck ever getting a spare part. Sorry to go off I am just upset the Chinese are trying to flood areas like New Zealand, Australia Africa and America with direct knock-off Keene products. When our family of 3 generations builds tests and engineer mining equipment and so Chinese companies make direct copies it just makes my blood boil. I just had 2 calls in the last week asking if we could ship several of our dredges and our new 210 drywasher into China. Gee, I wonder what for?
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Quality Products cost more money. I am buying the American Keene family made products ‼️ Made in the USA 🇺🇸 Why would you want anything less?

I think it’s silly that people are balking at price. You’re getting a hand crafted, designed, engineered, tested, American made product. Quality requires a price. Think about, a total investment and a good weekend turning out 5-6 grams of gold and this investment will have paid for itself.

Way too expensive

It's worth every penny and I'm ordering one ASAP.

How much to convert my current keen to that one

...In fact, the approximate price of $ 564.35 is much lower, than my expectations. I'm surprised - I thought it would be about $ 1000!!! I love this ^ !

To whom that doesn’t appreciate how long it takes to produce a quality product, let alone manufacture it; it’s an extraordinarily costly endeavor to produce a solid piece of equipment like this. I look forward to accquiring a unit soon

I’m thankful that Keene keeps making and creating great products. Proud to buy Keene gold mining equipment. ⛏

Mark will the legs mount to my 5 year old 52?

I appreciate your quality products and i will buy before i ever consider Chinese. They wanna buy to copy cat. Ill be getting the scrren and legs very soon. Thankyou.

You guys make quality sluices, still have my first Keene ....... keep up the great work you folks do!!!

Realy cool sluice my frends KEENE is #1 with me

I hate knock off billshit. ...thanks for making great products. ...

Quality and customer service....and looks like a beast of a sluice. Priceless.

No wondering here, plain and simple, they want to make the cheapest possible copy of your equipment.

Will the new screen upgrade fit over the original riffle cage? Thank you for making quality products that last!

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Keene's New A52S sluice box is now available!!!
Part Number A52S the price is $324.95.
The first sluice box that allows you to dump unclassified material through the sluice box at much higher volumes than ever thought possible and still retain fine gold. Not only does this sluice a eat material like no other it is easiest and fastest sluice to set in the world.

I can't tell you how many times it took me 20, 30 minutes even an hour in some cases walking up and down the river looking or just the right depth of rocks water flows, etc. Now it takes only a few minutes to set up and go to work. Equipped with our upgraded Mini Max folding Leg system that a articulates 4 different positions independently and each leg travels up and down as well.

The screen system with a mix of grizzly bars punch plate and woven wire quickly classifies the material and drops the water speeds underneath to at least half speed allowing the riffles to do their job in ideal conditions. We are using a mix of carpets expanded metal, Hungarian riffles and our world famous Miracle matting. This combination provides the ultimate in a regenerative riffle design that works even in heavy black sand areas. The variety of rifle designs that performs exceptionally well in a large variety of conditions and is very forgiving if you tilt the box to the side have disruptions in the water flow it really holds on to the gold

We have manufactured this sluice box with the highest possible quality that we can achieve. The legs, latches, screens, and riffles are simply bulletproof and should last for years of service. The performance of this sluice box is, "by far superior to anything on the market”, we blow the competition away. This sluice box will find you more gold than any other box out there.
You will not find a better sluice box to expand into dredges, high bankers and more than a Keene
Weight 18.5 lbs shipping weight 25 lbs.
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Shannon Nichols

How much for just the top screen

I have a MiniMax that I just bought last fall. What is needed to assemble this screen system to that sluice?

How much for shipping costs to new zealand

I love it! I already have a A52, all i need is the screen and legs, can i buy just the screen and legs?

When can we buy the sceen couldnt find it where to Order one? Best Regards :) from New Zealand!

I like it. Good design, simple, strong. Perhaps this summer...

Envia para o Brasil?

I was going to order one. As soon as you started selling them.. ouch on the price.. I have to wait on buying it. 324.00 is a little steep.

Should come with the leg kit for that price

I still have my A52 that I picked up back in 92. I think its time for an upgrade for something that I can pack in. liked all the videos you made on working out the kinks.

Maybe a new mini 2.5 dredge setup ?


Kyle Hedley

Mark Davidson

Barry Graves lets go hit the llano

Beautiful Product!

Awesome, I want one Pat.

Guess I'm ordering A52/S!

Paul Jarvis

Hey Pat, please save me a complete upgrade kit, I'll see you next week.

I also have the original A52, is there an upgrade kit in the works for us who already own the A52 Keene?

Best sluice I've ever run. 12 years old and still going strong. How much for just the screen upgrade?

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Keene's A52S test #7
Sorry, we are out of sequence.Patrick Keene and Mark Keene went out this last weekend and completed test #7. Be sure to watch the end of the video demonstrating all the new options that y...
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Finally, We have completed our testing on the new A52S Super Sluicebox. We have been working on this project for years and decided recently, that this is what the market really needed. 8 weeks of spending every weekend out in the field, testing multiple screens and riffle variations. We now have taken the best of our testing and have the ultimate sluice box where a customer who already has an A-52 can upgrade their sluice to the new designs. Equipped with an upgraded Mini Max legs system that allows you set up in just about any conditions, quickly. Upgraded riffle design optimizing, fine gold recovery with the use of expanded metal, miracle matting and carpet with Hungarian regenerative riffles. The new classifier screen consists of grizzly bars, aluminum punch plate and woven wire that provides the perfect classification for all sizes of material. This amazing box, allows you to feed unclassified material without classifying to yield, maximum yardage. This sluice box will handle more material than any other box out there and provide the ultimate in fine gold recovery. You will find more gold with this sluice because you only have to handle the material only once. Just shovel bank run directly into the box or dump buckets of unclassified material into the sluice. The New A52S sluice box can handle at least double what any other sluice can handle, for its size. This new sluice box is also expandable into a high banker or dredge. We will be offering most the individual parts for most other sluice boxes especially the A52 and we are working on a screening system for an A51 sluice as well.Finally, We have completed our testing on the new A52S Super Sluicebox. We have been working on this project for years and decided recently, that this is wha... ... See MoreSee Less

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Go Keene Engineering! 👍

Great job Pat and Mark looks like works great.

Good job guys! When can i but the screen attachment for my A52?! And also what leg kit is that

6 days ago

Keene Engineering, Inc.

Keene New Super sluice test #6 ... See MoreSee Less

Video image

Keene New Super sluice test #6Patrick Keene and Mark Keene went out this last weekend and completed test #6. Once again, we both learned a lot and had a great time. We brought out 8 diffe... ... See MoreSee Less

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Well we’re on our way for test number seven and it’s raining wonderful

Lol, like I said! Good luck

Patrick Keene and I went out this last weekend and completed out test #6. Once again we both learned a lot and had a lot of fun. We tested over 6 different combinations of riffle screens riffles and carpets. We brought out 3 different test bottles of gold to test with. The good news most everything worked well and some screens worked great. We already have a new set screen system ready to test for this coming weekend test #7. rain or shine. Most likely rain. Most people would be more than satisfied with what we have accomplished however we believe that we can do better. We are excited to try out the new upcoming grizzly bars and woven wire. Even in our dredges, we have been getting away from the punch plates due to the gold skipping over however, with a grizzly bar or woven wire this is not a problem. We just hope that the speed of water under the screen stays at the lower speeds like we are seeing now. ... See MoreSee Less


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Hey guys, sign me up for the Prototype,I'd love to buy that one!


What would be the price ?

Missed you guys at the Gold Show in Phoenix this weekend. Wanted to check out new sluice.

I have a small A51 just in case I had to carry it for some distance :)

How does that handle washing clay wrapped rocks and pea gravel? or do you have a sluice product that washes the clay of the rocks before they jet on out of the sluice? Without being able to high bank or use a trommel I have not been able to do due better than around 50% gold recovery if that because of the limitations

That first prototype sluice box picture has me intrigued. Looks like a systematic gold trap to me. Let us know how test #7 goes.

Would love to try to replace punch plate with woven wire on 3 stage box for my 4” and 6” mini

Will you be selling just the grizzly/screen for those of us that have the older sluices?

Do you have video using that?

I freaking love it.

Wow what good news!

Makes me want to re-live buying my first A52 again.Nice work guys.

I want one for sure.

Matt Case

Looks really cool. Love it... Long over due! thanks guys!

Looks like you both have something that’s so modern with the newest technology I can’t wait to talk with Pat about it at the Fresno Gold Show. Keep up the new improvements on prospecting equipment and thanks.

Can't wait to hear the test results

Great work♡☆love the updates

I really like the fact you guys are working with the A52’s and advancing them further. The A52’s are already proven in their base form. “A52 Super Sluice” I have two A52’s. I’ll be watching and listening for the final results of all the testing. I’ll be upgrading to the new improvements. I like how you guys work for perfection. Try everything, see what works the best... Excellence in manufacturing ‼️

I want one

"Ledge" at beginning of first gold section? I prefer a smooth transition there.... My thought anyway..what day ye?

Robert Hughes

I will love to try this

Will this upgrade fit in the A52-F models?

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This last weekend Patrick and I went out again for our latest test #6.
We tried a series of Grizzly Bars and they did work well. We also did a lot of testing with gold. We had three different samples of gold all different sizes small nuggets to pinhead sizes. We had about 98% recovery however, we can do better. We already have a new round of screens grizzly bars and woven wire being built for this weeks testing. I should be posting a new video later this week as well.
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This last weekend Patrick and I went out again for our latest test #6.
We tried a series of Grizzly Bars and they did work well.  We also did a lot of testing with gold. We had three different samples of gold all different sizes small nuggets to pinhead sizes.  We had about 98% recovery however, we can do better.  We already have a new round of screens grizzly bars and woven wire being built for this weeks testing.  I should be posting a new video later this week as well.Image attachment


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We are still testing we have a few new things to test this weekend. Unfortunately, we can not rush getting it done correctly. Both both Patrick and I are having some fun and learning a lot of little tricks as well. We have some new screen we will be testing this Saturday rain for shine. Forecast is heavy rain.

Are you going to test it with fine gold recovery?

I’d like someone to contact me

When can we start ordering?

I always wondered how that would work, but my thing is what do you do with the tailings?

new 210 dry washer

Do we have an ETA? I’m holding out on buying this as my first sluice to use with my boys this spring

Hey guys it is still dry here in southern NM. Feel free to come test your

Need a flear... For this...

I like it.

Any videos

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