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The perfect kind of social distancing!
Let’s get you geared up for GOLD SEASON !

Pat, Mark & Teddy Keene


A52S Super Sluice Box has arrived!

Keene Engineering is very proud to present our newest member of our Sluice Box family!
The A52S Super Sluice Box is our new baby and we couldn’t be prouder! Learn what all the buzz is about by watching our video then get yours before there is a waiting list!


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It was a fun time going to hit that spot again was finding old square nails and iron . Conglomerate nobody has been there.

Awesome video Pat.

Good job cousin👍🏻

Making of the raw parts for the Keene dry washers ... See MoreSee Less

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Hey Pat, thanks for the little tour you gave me today during my visit. I did not realize how extensive Keene is involved. Being in SoCal you could say areas for prospecting with access to water can be at a premium. After watching your YouTube video on the 140SHVS I may have to consider dry washing. Thanks again.

https://youtu.be/65Oz0tojo9wImage attachmentImage attachment

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Precio para peru uno de 2.5

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I use a lot of keene stuff

I use to have all Keene stuff until they didn’t care.


I approve 👍

I just had a interesting conversation from a guy over in Papua New Guinea. He was complaining that our float and frame are more expensive than placing the dredge on drums.

I had to explain to him that the floats and frame system are engineered to to be streamline and have little resistance in the water especially pulling the dredge upstream or dragging over boulders in the rapids. The narrow tips of the float do a great job and the texture of the flat deck allow a person to walk safely to move around on top of the floats. Our unique design can tolerate be dragged over rapids far better than any other float shape. The super max float and be towed with ease due to the long tapered nose and the faster the water the higher the dredge comes out of the water. The bottom of the float is designed after a hydro boat hull. Seriously Just check out this design.
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Lol, hope ya flush the pump out with alot of fresh water after running it in the pool.. nothing worse than a seized pump.. But yeah as Kris Wickerson was saying.. You can't blame the bloke from PnG.. Don't get us wrong, 'we' (Australasians) LOVE the Keene dredge design ! But when the US dollar is high, it's ABSOLUTELY not worthwhile purchasing and parts are very hard to come by, so we just buy the box and header and build our own.. Not to mention self organising freight from US (when not in the US) is an absolute nightmare as freight companies wont reply to people outside the US. Unfortunately for you guys at Keene that's a bit of a loss of business on your side of things.. A little bit of organising and a reasonable pricing to keep up with international values, maybe even having a dealer over our way would certainly give you a larger chunk of the pie !

Oh I wish my mini 6” 6213 had these when dredging was legal in CA. We always pulled it up stream. I could imagine these working well.

I have a supermax and absolutely love it the fine gold recovery is just amazing it truly is the best dredge on the market. The float design is great in swift water wich is perfect for us as there is only the two of us working the dredge and we can move it around with ease. I take my hat off to you Mark and Pat and everyone at keene engineering and thank you for the hats and hoodies we love them

That is just one reason why I own a Keene dredge. No other prospecting company makes dredges as good as yours!

I don’t think the average US dredger understands that the freight costs to get the floats or a dredge to Australia or PNG can be multiple times the cost of the item. I would love to buy a heap of replacement floats but the freight is far too cost prohibitive for those larger items. Unfortunately now Keene will not ship parts to Reeds in Western Australia I will struggle to affordably get parts for my 7, yes 7, keene dredges, spare pumps, dry blowers & sluices.

Also has built in cup holders!!


I'm not the only 1 use a pool for test runs.

Well, in all fairness he did say it was "more expensive", not "more efficient." 👍

There's nothing here. 🤣🤣🤣

I concur 👍🏻

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Keene Engineering is dedicated to selling American made products! We have less than 5% of our products, come from overseas such as hardware, blue pans and a few odd and ends. Our Keene sieves, pans, shovels and DP series detector picks are made here in Chatsworth, Ca. This pictures below shows our product as well as our fancy mold operating in our factory. KCT Keene Crevis Trowel with the stainless steel digging and crevicing tip. Simply the best little shovel, in the industry. ... See MoreSee Less

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I own a few of their products and all work great

Injection molded plastics. Don't forget to spray 'Pam' on the mold. Got years in the mfg industry ; CNC mills and lathes, IM plastics, QC, engineering prints.

I have one and it works great!

Check out this Cool cup my buddy Phillip Nix sent me. Stainless Steal tumbler. He sells these at his face book page Phillip Nix East coast gold dredger, He also has his own Youtube channel. ... See MoreSee Less

Check out this Cool cup my buddy Phillip Nix sent me. Stainless Steal tumbler.  He sells these at his face book page Phillip Nix East coast gold dredger,  He also has his own Youtube channel.Image attachment

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Very cool Mark

😎☠💛 #PositivePirate approved

How you boys doing up in OR??

Well today is a good and bad day for us. We just sold our Amazing International CTX truck. This truck is simply the biggest and the baddest 6 wheel drive truck on the road. We used to tow our Nessie dredge with this truck. Unfortunately our idiot politicians in California have set the bar so high that it would have spend 10 to 15K to get the truck past smog next year. Fortunately we sold if to a great company " Utah water gardens "and they are going to put it to good use. They are doing all kinds of dredging, weed removal ,mosquito control and much more. The first few pictures show a load in the back is the large flotation you see in the pictures. I was surprised everything fit. Especially with a large barge 8 feet wide and 12 feet long. The last picture is the Nessie dredge that we used to manufacture. ... See MoreSee Less

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Time to sell everything and get your business out of that place.

We lost a good truck to this crappy rule as well

Business is not welcome in California - which is why so many folks are leaving.

How long before you have to move the company out of Commiefornia to survive?


I am sure you are sorry to see it go. Time to say goodbye to Ca. We love Az

1999 and below on diesels is the way to go and telling Commiefornia to go screw themselves.


How long tell you have had enough and leave?

That is one bad ass truck

G T F out!

Looks like a half track on steroids

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New and Improved Super Concentrator with an even better price!

KSCR Super ConcentratorWe’ve made it next to impossible for you not to add this little power house to your prospecting arsenal at only $350.00!

We are extremely excited to present the next generation of a dredge designed for the recovery of super fine gold
Model 6220SMAX

This New Super Mini Max Power Sluice Concentrator unit is the most versatile package that we have ever offered.




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