New 6200 Super Max and Max Series Dredge


Original prototype dredge working in the Philippines in harsh conditions. Utilizing the sump and new concentrate sluices.
We decided to split and create more surface area and reduce lift. It was a major deal to hang two boxes with 4 adjustments on each sluice and creating more deck space.


Click here to see video of fine gold in pan found with Super Max 6″ dredge.


The fine gold recovery is simply amazing.  The looks more like paint than gold.  This model runs at $11,750.00


Top view with the side sluices pushed in for transportation. Side boxes can be slide in for transportation and out for operation providing maximum deck space.


6220 Super Max Dredge. Testing the new floats frame sliuce side box and more.



This show how smooth the water is on the side boxes and center box.  You can also see how the floats have a built in texture to reduce the chance of slippage.


Model 6220Max dredge showing how well the float can handle weight. The dredge in running and there is about additional weight while running.  Notice there is stile about 6 inches of free board above the water.

This model starts at $9750.00





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