4″ Gravel pump system

This is one of the smallest gravel pump systems that we offer. We offer these in 4″ and 6″. These type of gravel pump can pass up to a 3.5″ sphere on the 4″ pump gravel pumps and 5.5″ sphere on the 6″ gravel pump.
I have personally pumped around 20 yards per hour with the 4″ and the 6″ I have averaged up to 35 yards per hour. The 4″ pump moves up to 1000 GPM. It can pump up to a 30 % solids for a short time. The 6″ pump can pump up to 1600 GPM an up to 30% solids. In theory the 6″ can do up to 100 yards per hour, however I have used several of these in my life time and my averages are around 25 to 35 yards per hour in good material. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact Mark Keene   mark@keeneeng.com


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