Keene Fire Fighter FF65H

Keene Engineering has been manufacturing firefighting systems for around 45 years.  Now homeowners with swimming pools, ponds or tanks can effectively protect their homes when fire threatens!  The Keene pumps produce a powerful adjustable stream of water to 250 gallons per minute.  Pump provides up to 145 feet of head pressure or over 60 psi.  Quickly wets down roofs, walls and shrubbery! Always ready in any emergency even when water pressure and electrical power fails.  Includes a Honda GX200 5.5 horsepower or a Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine 6.5 HP,   10 foot and 100 foot of fire hose with an adjustable fire hose nozzle, a separate hand operated priming pump and 10 feet of of intake hose with valve and strainer. All mounted on an “easy to move” wheel cart. In less than 3 minutes you can easily roll the unit into position, start and direct a powerful flow of water as far as 200 feet from the edge of the pool, pond, or tank.  You can aslo add on additional lenths of hose as well.  One customer needed 1000 feet of hose so we increased the diamitor of the hose to reduce the friction loss for the long hoses and it worked great.   Basic instructions and sales information.  We have saved at least 12 homes in recent years that we know of.  Several homes in the Malibu, Santa Monica Mountains, Indian springs and more.

FF65B Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine $1575.00  FF65H Honada GX200 $1695.00  Scotty foam gun and supplies $499.95