Keene HydroAir 12 Volt Hookah System

HydroAir Battery Powered Diving System – HAS

HydroAir incorporates a lightweight and efficient 12-volt powered air supply diving system. The HydroAir utilizes a group 24 RV marine battery or other similar battery configuration. Equipped with a dual air compressor system that maximizes battery life by working only on demand by use of pressure switches. The compressors are mounted under water for cooling and providing minimum power draw and optimum air output. This sealed environment of the HydroAir system provides a long lasting and dependable life. HydroAir requires virtually no maintenance and is quick, easy and fun to use. The HydroAir is constructed of a heavy duty Marlex plastic and is a safety orange in color. Due to the low center of gravity, the HydroAir is extremely stable even in rough water conditions. Equipped with flotation, a vinyl float cover, stainless steel hardware, diving flag, straps and built in handles.


• Body Dimensions – 23″ x 18″

• Flotation Dimensions – 13″ x 32″

• Running Time – 2 to 6 hours depending on consumer requirements.

• One Diver can maximum 70 feet in depth.

• Two Divers can maximum 25 feet in depth

• Net weight 29 pounds w Shipping weight 70 pounds



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