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This New Super Mini Max Power Sluice Concentrator unit is the most versatile package that we have ever offered. We have changed our updated machine from a double pump system to one single, larger pump. The new pump provides not only greater water flow and higher head lift but also a larger diameter pressure hose which creates a higher flow than the double pump system. We’ve also doubled the hose length to 8 feet, added a new ball valve for precise flow control and a screw on connector that requires no tools. This is a serious piece of prospecting equipment that will always be a key weapon in your arsenal. Weather you are working river banks, out in the desert, assaying areas or just cleaning up concentrates for larger dredges and equipment, you need a Mini Max.  American made quality that is professionally engineered and built to last. This package includes a removable mat for the lower sluice box converting into professional clean up machine (by sliding out the green rubber riffle and replacing it with Miracle Matting). An additional finer woven mesh classifier in the top hopper when using as a clean up system. Another new improvement is powered by a single 2200 GPH, 12 volt pump made proudly in the U.S.A. The combination of the finer classification and the Miracle Matt provides unsurpassed fine gold recovery not found in any other clean up system. It also includes a flare for use as a hand sluice. (Shown Above Right)

This is a serious piece of prospecting equipment that will always be a key weapon in your arsenal.

The top classifier hopper is equipped with a new flood header that provides smooth clean water flow through the trough. The hopper sluice lifts off easily to inspect lower sluice.  Water flows out of the flood header over a slick plate then on to a 6” section of miracle matting providing a preview to indicate if your collecting gold eliminating the need to cleaning the lower sluice needlessly. Then the material is washed over a removable classifier grizzly screen for bank run type gravel. The lower sluice box is lined with our green rubber riffle that recovers fine gold and can handle higher volumes of material.  Unsurpassed in fine gold recovery with a capacity up to ¾ of a yard per hour when using as power sluice.

When using as a concentrating machine, the lower sluice box containing Miracle Matting is partially covered by oversized expanded metal.  When using the unit in this mode, you can expect capacity up to 1/4 yard per hour.  When using as a high banker, just shovel into the classifier hopper without the need of pre-classification and move more material with less effort. Powered by a battery driven 2200 GPH pump, 12-volt pump or a small single gas powered pump. Ideal for back packing and folds into an amazing compact size of 36” x 7” x 14” weighing under 15 lbs.  The 4 independent legs fold up with the new pin-lock system, large wing nuts provides elevation control. Battery power provides a silent operation for areas that you do not want to draw attention or.  Ideal for a water recirculating concentrator in the field or even a home.


Tubs not included! Check back as we are in the process of showing you how to create your own set up as shown in this image!


The Mini Max Power sluice  is shown here to the right being used in a water recirculating system.  Although we do not sell this kit, you can easily build your own using tubs that are readily available from your local hardware store, your local Target or other Big Box store.  We do offer the seals for the 2 inch PVC cross over tubes (Part number TUBESEAL2) The Mini Max power sluice Dredge conversion hopper is equipped 2 inch dredge header box that feeds over a 8 inch slick plate then over a 14 inch long 1/4 inch woven wire classifier.  The classifier only allows the smaller 1/4 minus material to pass through onto the lower sluice box.  The restricted size really helps to maintain fine gold recovery and keep the volume up at the same time. This mini max package really does it all.  You can even suck up concentrates out of a dredge  with the miracle matting and finer mesh screen just slow down.

KEENE Mini Max Gold Mining Sluice Highbanker Concentrator with Pat Keene

Pat Keene’s trip to the Yuba 2016 Mini Max

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