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Keene HydroAir 12 Volt Hookah System

KEENE HydroAir Battery Powered Floating Compressor Diving System HydroAir incorporates a lightweight and efficient 12-volt powered air supply diving system.The HydroAir utilizes a group 24 RV marine battery or other similar battery configuration. Equipped with a dual air compressor system that maximizes battery life by working only on demand by […]

RC1 Crusher and the New Cart System

This is our RC1 Rock Crusher in action. This video covers set up set up, operation and safety. We are also introducing a new RC1 Cart. The new cart is a amazing add on and makes the RC1 crusher easier to handle safer to work with and also will allow […]

New A52F Folding Sluice Box

A super lightweight aluminum folding sluice box that incorporates the newest technology in rubber riffles design. We have taken the best parts of our previous folding plastic sluice and introduced our highly successful rubber riffle design. The rubber riffle design works fantastic in both fast and slow water conditions. We have […]

Keene 151 old style compared to a New 151S

I recently purchased and installed the Upgrade Kit bringing my old Keene 151 drywasher up to most of the specs of Keene’s new 151S drywasher.  The results have been simply amazing, not just in the way it operates, but, most importantly, in the amount of gold it is now recovering.  […]

4″ Gravel pump system

This is one of the smallest gravel pump systems that we offer. We offer these in 4″ and 6″. These type of gravel pump can pass up to a 3.5″ sphere on the 4″ pump gravel pumps and 5.5″ sphere on the 6″ gravel pump. I have personally pumped around […]